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ECCCA's Policy Institute Training Was A Huge Success

This program was created by Healthy Contra Costa (HCC) and the East Contra Costa Community Alliance (ECCCA) for community members who are interested in policy advocacy and resident power-building. This program will train and empower residents through conceptual, practical, creative, and reflective activities that will lead to residents being able to authentically and meaningfully engage in policy advocacy. All five sessions were hosted by St. Vincent de Paul Society in Pittsburg. The five sessions were organized as follows:

  • Day 1: Intros and Community Building - Story of Self, Story of Us

  • Day 2: Policy 101 - Policy Cycle and Power Mapping

  • Day 3: Advocacy Tactics - Systems and Using Data/Research

  • Day 4: Navigating Systems - Meetings, Storytelling, and Public Comment

  • Day 5: Political Strategy - Intro to Building a Campaign

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