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Led by ECCCA Coordinator Solomon Belette, ECCCA members, whether At Large or on the Steering Committee, may serve on subcommittees tasked with implementing our Theory of Change:

Steering Committee

  • Betty Geishirt-Cantrell, SparkPoint Contra Costa

  • Connie Russell, People Who Care

  • "DC" Carole Dorham-Kelly, Rubicon Programs

  • Eve Birge, White Pony Express

  • Judith Ortiz, Monument Impact

  • Kirsten Rigsby, Village Community Resource Center

  • Ruth Fernandez, First 5

  • Sandra Naughton, First 5

  • Shannon Starzyk, Family Justice Center

  • Sheila Aceves, Loaves and Fishes

  • Tom Tamura, Contra Costa Crisis Center

At-Large Members

  • Alissa Friedman, Opportunity Junction

  • Ann Wrixon, CASA

  • Barbara McCullough, Brighter Beginnings

  • Brianna Robinson, Opportunity Junction

  • Caitlin Sly, Meals on Wheels Diablo Region

  • Carmella Kowall, Winters Night Shelter

  • Cathy Botello, COPE Family Support

  • Christian Aguirre, Rainbow Community Center

  • Claudia Karell, Brighter Beginnings

  • Claudia Ramirez, St. Vincent de Paul of Contra Costa

  • Deana Balinton, El Timpano

  • Janette Kennedy, Loaves and Fishes

  • Ken White, Contra Costa Senior Legal Services

  • Loren Dalbert, Mobility LABS

  • Natasha Paddock, COPE Family Support

  • Roxanne Carrillo Garzo, Healthy Contra Costa

  • Victoria Snyder, Contra Costa Senior Legal Services


Community Listening Sessions:

Ruth Fernandez (Co-Chair), Judith Ortiz (Co-Chair), Sandra Naughton, "DC" Carole Dorham-Kelly, Shannon Starzyk, Kirsten Rigsby, Betty Geishirt-Cantrell, Roxanne Carrillo Garza, Solomon Belette


Betty Geishirt-Cantrell (Chair), Cathy Botello, Solomon Belette

Community Coalitions:

Solomon Belette (Chair), Alissa Friedman, Ann Wrixon

Building Advocacy Skills:

Ruth Fernandez, Judith Ortiz, Solomon Belette


Barbara McCullough, Connie Russell, Kirsten Rigsby, Solomon Belette


Cathy Botello, Eve Birge, Sheila Aceves, Tom Tamura, Solomon Belette

ECCCA also establishes ancillary, ad hoc committees for specific projects and initiatives.

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